Saturday, October 1, 2011

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So after I spent a couple of days exploring my new Viewsonic G tablet, I felt like I had to write a review and let everybody know how cool this device is:

I did my homework and researched the G tablet thoroughly before I decided to buy one. I read tons of reviews on various websites before I finally decided to go for it (over an iPad) for the following reasons:

1. Price!
2. Super fast Hardware (Tegra2 processor)
3. USB Port
4. SD card slot for additional storage
5. No need for a sync software!
6. Access to the file system
7. Customizable desktop (live wallpaper, widgets, icons..etc)
8. The availability of custom firmwares (XDA-developers)

Note: I ended up NOT installing a custom firmware, I am pretty happy with the latest update from Viewsonic, which is a must have!!

The tablet was a horrible experience out of the box. No matter what I did, everything seemed to just crash!! Then I got the Update notification as soon as I connected my G Tablet to my home WiFi. After the download was done, the update installed and the device rebooted. I finally went through the setup process (create a new profile..etc) and Voila. Let me tell you, The update is pretty damn stable and seems to boost performance significantly.
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